About LeverFi

LeverFi is a DeFi infrastructure and innovation network that focuses on delivering new and exciting opportunities for the fast growing global web3 user community.

With our eyes set on delivering unique solutions in the decentralized finance space, we’re thrilled to empower our community and users with exciting new offerings in the BTC ecosystem in 2024.

LeverFi currently operates the following networks:

  • OmniZK (Bitcoin/EVM): A secure validation protocol that allow developers to shift complex computations onto any EVM layer, and relay the final event outcomes back to the Bitcoin network to conduct native settlements.

  • LeverPro (Bitcoin): The premium BRC20/Runes launchpad with a focus on high potential DeFi projects building native applications for the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • LeverTrade (EVM): Trader-centric platform that helps traders earn yield on collateral while trading with 10x leverage at the same time.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to expand our global community of users and partners!

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