Application Use Cases

OmniZK empowers a wide range of interchain Bitcoin use cases including and not limited to:

  1. Non-custodial BTC liquid staking DLCs can be used to secure BTC for the issuance of BTC liquid staking into any EVM network and transferred effortlessly across chains, including and not limited to Bitcoin L2s, Ethereum, and any other EVM chains.

  2. Cross-chain Bitcoin DeFi markets Cross-chain money markets, prediction markets, options markets, NFTs lending markets can be enabled locking up BTC into DLCs with borrowings, prediction outcomes, strikes, logic computations etc done on any EVM network. At settlement, the BTC in the DLC is distributed accordingly.

  3. Decentralized L2 bridges OmniZK can be used for bridge infrastructure for Bitcoin L2 chains looking to rapidly deploy a secure, non-custodial bridge to jumpstart their ecosystems instead of using centralized multi-sigs.

  4. Omnichain liquidity management OmniZK integration with LayerZero means that liquidity management can take place without the need for liquidity pools if developers can mint/burn to move liquidity using verified proofs.

  5. Others The variety of applications that can be developed and operated using OmniZK as a secure validation network service provider are boundless and open to creative use by developers and users.

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