Protocol Summary

Bitcoin Script is Turing-incomplete and lacks the expressive logic required to support complex computations, event handling and state updates. In particular, the development of DeFi natively on Bitcoin is highly challenging due to this limitation.

OmniZK is a secure validation protocol for Bitcoin that allows developers to shift complex computations onto any EVM layer, and relay the final event outcomes back to the Bitcoin network to conduct native settlements.

This expands scalability, logic construction and interoperability for Bitcoin-native applications, allowing programmable omnichain interactions between Bitcoin, Bitcoin L2s, metaprotocols and other blockchains.

OmniZK is modularly designed for developers to construct conditional, non-custodial Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs) on Bitcoin that are secured by event proofs generated by zkOracles. OmniRelayers run in a Trusted Execution Environment, which restricts Omnirelayers to only transmit and sign for verified event outcomes.

Using the OmniZK SDK, developers can easily build and deploy interoperable DLC-applications that utilize verified event data from any EVM network for contract settlement finality on Bitcoin.

Developers using OmniZK can build Bitcoin applications with the following features:

  1. Contracts initiated and settled natively on the Bitcoin network

  2. Non-custodial contracts that cannot be accessed by third parties

  3. Access to complex computations and verified data from any EVM

  4. Composable and interoperable applications

  5. Decentralized contracts that provide an alternative to centralized bridges

OmniZK empowers a wide range of interchain Bitcoin use cases including and not limited to:

  1. Non-custodial BTC liquid staking

  2. Cross-chain Bitcoin DeFi markets

  3. Decentralized asset bridges

  4. Omnichain liquidity management

Applications built using OmniZK are independent of yet complementary to Bitcoin L2s, as they interact with and communicate with L2s, but with final settlements done outside of the L2s. An example can be an application that issues a chain-agnostic wrapped BTC asset that can be freely minted, burned or transferred, without the underlying BTC being custodied on a L2 multi-sig bridge.

This places OmniZK at an interesting nexus of the rapidly growing Bitcoin ecosystem and offer alternatives to developers and users who wish to build and settle within the native Bitcoin layer.

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