LeverTrade - A Uniquely Leveraged Solution

1. Earn while trading

LeverTrade accepts a wide range of collateral, from token majors (BTC, ETH) to stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI) to LP assets (Curve-LP, Uni-LP, Sushi-LP) as collateral on the platform. Collateral are redeployed to platforms such as Convex or Aave to earn yield for users.

As an illustration, using LeverTrade, a user can:

  1. deposit $100,000 BUSDv2-CRV-LP tokens (100% stablecoins) as collateral,

  2. earn ~5+% APR in base + CVX + CRV yield,

  3. and leverage trade with up to $400,000 worth of liquidity (assuming 80% LTV and 5x leverage).

2. Unified collateral

LeverTrade allows users to unify their collateral into one single collateral basket, and leverage trade positions with larger sizes. Unifying collateral can also help to spread risks across the entire collateral basket, lowering (but not removing) the chances of liquidation.

As an illustration, a trader who deposited $100,000 of Curve farming assets and $50,000 worth of BTC is considered to have $150,000 worth of collateral in LeverTrade.

Assuming LTV of 80% and 5x leverage, the trader can utilize up to $150,000 * 80% * 5 = $600,000 worth of collateral liquidity to trade on LeverTrade.

3. Pair trading, hedging or carry trade strategies

While leveraged trading is made easy for traders on LeverTrade, the robust platform design means that LeverTrade can support advanced traders who engages in pair trading or hedging / market neutral strategies with leverage.

As an illustration, a trader who is bullish on the Ethereum Merge and wants to beta hedge can can borrow BTC from the BTC Lending Pool and purchase ETH, essentially entering into a Long ETH / Short BTC hedged trade.

Traders can utilize LeverTrade in combination with DEX / CEX derivatives such as futures and options to hedge, arbitrage, execute carry trades or create customized payoff strategies.

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