Staking and Participation Rules

Note: As of 27 March 2024, LVR is renamed as LEVERPRO•POINTS on the Runes protocol.

Launchpad Entry and Participation

  • Staking LEVER is the only way to gain access on high potential BRC20 projects launching on the LeverPro Launchpad.

  • The LeverPro Launchpad offers project launch allocations, known as Golden Tickets, to LEVER token stakers.

  • Golden Tickets give users the exclusive rights to buy into the Initial Inscription Offerings (IIOs) / Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) for new exciting projects launching in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

  • Users with Golden Tickets can therefore participate early in the value discovery process for these projects.

  • Due to high demand, staking LEVER does not guarantee an allocation for a particular launch, and users who stake LEVER tokens are allocated based on a Lucky Draw Lottery System.

  • However, if users also hold LEVERPRO•POINTS, which is a measure of Governance Points on LeverPro, these users will receive guaranteed / priority / increased allocations of Golden Tickets.

Launchpad Golden Ticket Allocation Rules

Guaranteed / priority / increased allocations are allocated accordingly to the following LEVERPRO•POINTS holder segments, with a minimum of 5,000,000 xLEVER staked:

LEVERPRO•POINTS VVIPs (top 100 holders)

  • 100 Golden Tickets are guaranteed for the top 100 LEVERPRO•POINTS holders.

  • VVIPs receive top of the range allocation amounts.

  • A successful opt-in for a project launch will burn 15% of a user's LEVERPRO•POINTS to allow opportunities for new VVIPs to rotate in.

LEVERPRO•POINTS VIPs (top 101-300 holders)

  • 180 Golden Tickets reserved for the next 200 leading LEVERPRO•POINTS holders for token launches. This implies a 90% chance of successfully receiving an allocation.

  • VIPs receive top quartile allocation amounts.

  • A successful opt-in for a project launch will burn 10% of a user's LEVERPRO•POINTS to allow opportunities for new VIPs to rotate in.

xLEVER Stakers (Lucky Draw System)

  • The remaining Golden Tickets are distributed to xLEVER stakers via a lucky draw system.

  • xLEVER is generated by staking LEVER.

  • Users who stake LEVER for longer periods receive more xLEVER, which means that smaller stakes can participate with larger stakes on an equal footing by staking for longer periods.

  • Each xLEVER token entitles a user to one lucky draw ticket participation.

Note: The LeverPro Launchpad Format is effective as at 22 February 2024. The Launchpad Format is expected to change over time, to adapt to changes in market conditions.

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