LeverTrade is a permissionless on-chain leveraged trading platform powered by smart contracts.

Traders earn and leverage trade at the same time

  • Traders deposit collateral such as BTC, ETH, Curve-LP, Uni-LP and more to trade changes in asset prices at up to 10x leverage.

  • Collateral are deposited to farming protocols, allowing traders to earn yields and leverage trade at the same time.

Lenders earn interest by lending funds to Traders

  • By depositing funds into Lending Pools, Lenders earn interest from Traders who borrow to leverage trade.

  • Interest rates are dynamic based on a utilization curve. The higher the asset utilization, the higher the interest rate.

All settlements done on LeverFi

  • Open trade positions are executed, stored and settled internally within the LeverFi platform only. Traders do not have direct access to the trading assets, and can only withdraw trading profits.

  • LeverFi route trades through multiple DEXs for optimized asset pricings, allowing Traders to execute chunky trades with minimized slippages.

  • A liquidator system is in place to margin call Traders if trading losses approach the value of collateral deposited.

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