The OmniZK network is operated by OmniRelayers who contribute to the security, functionality and governance of the network.

There are two specific technical roles for OmniRelayers operating the OmniZK network, and they undertake different tasks within the ecosystem.

Separate from technical roles, there is a non-technical role for marketers and community leaders to support the growth of the network, build user communities and assist to onboard users into dApps built using OmniZK.

OmniWatchers (Technical)

OmniWatchers listen for on-chain events and generate proofs for event outcomes using the zkOracles framework. OmniWatchers also handles generic messaging for the network. The proofs generated by OmniWatchers are relayed to OmniSigners for verification and contract signing. OmniWatchers undertake a monitoring role on OmniSigners for remote attestations.

OmniSigners (Technical)

OmniSigners create and warehouse CETs, generate signatures and undertake message signing as an oracle for a DLC after verifying a proof within a Trusted Execution Environment. Threshold signing by >70% of the OmniSigners are required to fully execute a DLC signature. OmniSigners are required to perform remote attestations to ensure that operator code integrity is upheld.

OmniCaptains (Non-Technical)

OmniCaptains are marketers and community leaders who are committed to spread marketing awareness, build communities and onboard new users into the OmniZK ecosystem. OmniCaptains are growth and marketing focused, and do not need to operate hardware as non-technical participants.

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