LEVER Utility

LEVER: Stake, Participate, Earn

LeverFi is powered by LEVER, an ecosystem participation token that rewards users for staking, governance and utilizing the products in the LeverFi platform.

As LeverFi has a suite of products across multiple ecosystems, the LEVER token plays a variety of utility roles in empowering these products.

(A) OmniZK

OmniRelayers are required to stake LEVER to become a operator and contribute to the security, functionality and governance of the network.

Users may delegate their LEVER to OmniRelayers who align with their governance ethos.

OmniRelayers and users together earn staking rewards and network gas fees.

(B) LeverPro

Staking LEVER to earn LEVERPRO•POINTS form the backbone of the LeverPro launchpad mechanisms.

To participate, users can lock up LEVER for a period of between 1 month to 3 months to earn LEVERPRO•POINTS.

Users who choose longer lockup periods receives more LEVERPRO•POINTS for the same number of LEVER tokens. This means that token holders with a smaller holdings and longer lockups can have comparable participation rights with token holders who have larger holdings, but shorter lockups.

LEVERPRO•POINTS offers guaranteed / priority allocation on the LeverPro Launchpad, as well as bonus allocation boosts.

Stakers are amongst the exclusive first to buy into the Initial Inscription Offerings (IIOs) / Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) of exciting new projects launching on LeverPro.

(C) LeverTrade

LEVER is primarily used for protocol governance on the LeverTrade platform, which is deployed on Ethereum.

Users participating in governance oversee the following activities:

1) Trading Fees Discount Program

  • Traders holding xLEVER in their wallets receive trading fees discounts of between 20-60% on trades executed through the LeverTrade platform.

2) Protocol Management Policies

  • Addition or removal of new and existing collateral

  • Addition or removal of new and existing tradable assets

  • Addition or removal of new and existing lending pools

3) New Network Deployments

  • Selection of L1/L2 networks for new LeverTrade deployments

  • Tokenomics structure for native tokens on new networks

  • Lenders incentive programs

  • Traders incentive programs

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