Security Is Important To Us

The security of the Lever V2 platform is important to us. Our development team works closely with external auditors to check, review and develop a decentralized leveraged trading platform that we believe is robust and reliable.
Lever V2 is audited by Peckshield and Beosin as the external auditors.

External Audit Reports

Users can read and review the audit reports from Peckshield and Beosin below.

Security Is An On-Going Iterative Process

Bugs and vulnerabilities discovered during testing and auditing process were fixed and resolved together with auditors.
While we have tried our best to ensure the safety of the Lever V2 platform, we cannot guarantee all bugs have been discovered and resolved. Security audits do not eliminate risks completely.
Security is an on-going iterative process. We will continually review the platform as part of our security measures, and ship security updates when required.

Do Not Deposit More Than You Can Afford To Lose

Please do not deposit your life savings, or assets you can’t afford to lose, into Lever V2.
Last modified 2mo ago